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your healing arts


Welcome!!You are here not by accident!

You are here to claim your emotional sovereignty and life,

ready to learn your individual, personal language of emotions,

the ways in which your body and intuition

communicate with you. You are here to get to know and respond to

to your needs ( even, or especially!, those you've been told are 'bad'),

you are here set boundaries that will serve you,

discover and move towards your desires.

You found me because you are ready to BE YOURSELF

... just the way you are and unapologetically!! 

This is a place for everyone. Any age, size and abilities.

Anyone ready, even for a brief moment (at first!), to stop hiding your true self and to stop apologizing for your body and instead,

step into your authentic self.

A special place in a judgement free environment

where you can nurture your Mind, Body and Soul!

My workshops are mindfully crafted for you to return home
with a renewed sense of calm,
fresh perspective, inspired, with more knowledge of self.

Find and confidently reach out for what supports your well being,

excites your spirit, brings more smile, fun and inner peace in your everyday life.


“Your relationship with yourself sets the tone for

 every other relationship you have.”— Robert Holden

Image by Hanna Zhyhar

the program

In a place free of judgment, I welcome you to a space where our differences are celebrated. I invite you to join me for an extraordinary journey into ourselves.

This is a very special journey, because we will visit places 'near and far' within us.


One of the key elements of this program is working on self-esteem. Like in a garden, we will admire the beauty and richness of the flowers that already lush, we will look and maybe remove the weeds, change or update unfavorable conditions

but mainly add freshness and strengthen the roots.

What does this actually mean? We will learn how to understand and appreciate our strengths, talents and skills. As a result, we will become more confident and able to make informed decisions that reflect our values, dreams and life goals.

The space we create together is a laboratory, a mini-inner power plant that generates internal strength. It is a mobile school of: listening, intuition, empathy, refraining from judgement (of yourself and others), appreciating (YOURSELF!), gratitude, connecting with YOURSELF.

Befriending ALL EMOTIONS. 

Emotional mastery is the key to vitality and health. Emotions, when treated with care and respect, are sources of tremendous power and energy, so the first step to turning emotions into power is approval.

When we can celebrate ALL of our emotions, rather than just the ones that feel comfortable, we are saying yes to what it means to be fully alive.

Beyond being a source of vitality, energy and fuel, our emotions are also our compass. Explored deeply enough, emotions – even those 'forbidden' as envy or anger – can often contain clues to our most hidden desires and callings.

An emotion is simply a message from you to you, and when you give each a chance to speak, you can make grounded, aligned decisions.

By understanding how emotions move in you and in others, you can emerge as a leader in your family, business, or community, as a role model for embodied confidence and fulfillment. 

Discovering Intuition & Developing Creativity
Women's intuition is an extremely valuable skill that allows us to better understand ourselves and others and make decisions that are good for us.

Creativity is an important part of women's wisdom that allows us to express ourselves, find solutions to problems and create beauty in the world.

Each of us is wonderfully different so during our program, we will use a variety of tools, exercises and techniques such as: meditation, reflection and mindfulness practices, intuitive movement, writing, drawing, dancing, mindfulness practices, life coaching tools, elements of art therapy.

Through those, we learn to listen to our inner voice and use it in everyday life, discover our talents and passions and, above all, train the 'courage muscle' to express ourselves!

Cultivating Relationships And Building Support
My most important intention is to create a safe space where we can openly share our experiences, feelings and thoughts.

To create a place where we learn how to build deep and authentic relationships and how to create the support systems that are essential to our emotional and spiritual health.

Finding Balance and Pursuing Self-Realization
Discovering our inner selves and celebrating our wisdom leads to self-realization and personal, powerful growth. During our workshop together, we will explore our values, goals and passions and develop skills that help us reach full potential, help us find balance between our professional, personal and spiritual lives by learning techniques for time management, setting boundaries and taking care of own needs.

These workshops offer a safe and gentle space to learn together, honor and celebrate body changes, share life lessons, and support each other.

This is a space where we want to cheer each other's wins (whatever "winning" means to you)! The workshops give you an opportunity to explore the inner self through the creative process in a safe, critic free environment.  

"Vulnerability sounds like truth and feels like courage. Truth and courage aren't always comfortable, but they're never weakness." ― Brené Brown

how does it work?

None of the techniques used during the program, require prior experience
or specific skills. We'll learn everything together and together we'll create our own version of expression, suitable for our unique needs.

When and how?

  • dates for public workshops: check details below

  • online groups are also possible to arrange 

  • private groups, friend groups

  • available in english or polish

  • companies/ organizations offer may differ 

  • price TBA

your facilitator

Kasia Kowalska

founder of SOUL HEART ENERGY, 

psychotherapist in the process of certification, 

creator of original programs for family resource support centres, associations of people with disabilities, local organizations and private clients. In her therapeutic activities she focuses mainly on working with the body, breath and supporting self-development. 

For years she has been a yoga and fitness instructor, above all a personal development coach.

Awarded the Diploma of Outstanding Pole in Ireland 2014 for her social work.

Her life experiences have outlined her professional path, during which she discovered that she wanted to share the opportunities she learned along her own process.

Conducting workshops and the power of creation that awakens in people during classes propels her to new ideas.

An 'eternal student' as she describes herself.

By day, mom of Ciaran and two golden retrievers, passionate about travel, walks in the woods and hot tea.


client's love

‘I decided to take part in this program because I was feeling stuck in life, I felt I had no direction. I wasn’t expecting the program to be so interactive but I’m so glad it was. Great fun and I felt safe to interact with everyone in the group. What’s stands out about this program is Kasia. She is so encouraging, insightful and understanding. The 121 sessions were invaluable. I am very grateful to have been part of this workshop.

I gained confidence not to just accept things as they are but to challenge them. Ask questions, ask for the things I want! Without a doubt, I would recommend this program to a friend. They would learn to take time for themselves and know that it’s OK to look after themselves first.’ Claire


‘This is an amazing programme that I would highly recommend to anyone, a journey of self-awareness and growth’.  Eilish

‘I decided to take part in this program to do something for myself.

What stands out about this program is how well Kasia facilitated and led the group.

Kasia’s core values are exceptional. It couldn’t have been as good or beneficial without her. I was surprised how deep it was, how healing for the mind and spirit.

I feel more self-aware, I gained confidence physically, mentally and emotionally.

I would definitely recommend this program. You will become more self-aware and empowered. Kasia is a legend.’ Annie

‘The program came at the right time when I was ready to change and I felt it was a sign.

What surprised me about the program is that we are ALL going through some issues and there is power in numbers. What makes the program different is Kasia’s openness and unique delivery of the program. A great mixture of fun, facts,  emotions, thought provoking exercises.

I have gained the ability to use introspection, to be able to feel and acknowledge my emotions, to understand that I am an individual in my own right. I would absolutely, highly recommend this program as there’s something for everyone in it.’  Ann

‘It wasn’t something I had ever done before but immediately felt comfortable with.

I decided to take part in this program to improve myself. What surprised was getting a connection with Kasia straight away. I have gained the ability to open up and say what I need to say and want to say, instead of pushing it inside or not dealing with it.

I certainly would recommend it, you will gain personal insight.’ Geraldine

Flower Portrait

Next event: 
Healing Arts and Photoshoot 

**very limited spaces available**

„And I said to my body, softly, “I want to be your friend.

It took a long breath and replied,

“I’ve been waiting my whole life for this.” /N. Waheed

It’s our pleasure to invite you for this unique and inspiring experience.

This time Healing Arts retreat will be all about YOUR BODY, your body image, your body story, your relationship to your body and

how it influences your life.

We will explore our beliefs, our unhelpful patterns, we will look into ways to support ourselves, how to START ACCEPTING or deepen the existing connection we have with our body image through:

MIND: life coaching,

BODY: movement,

SOUL: creativity.


Our journey will be crowned with a photo shoot with Niamh from Pipshots.

Your own PHOTOSHOOT! Yes girl you read it right! :)) !!

Pip is an amazing artist, a fairy , passionate about boudoir photography, empowering women to connect to their inner strength, confidence, beauty, wildness, delicate self..the woman that we sometimes hide:)


What: interactive life coaching group workshop, creative mindfulness practices, gentle movement, shared lunch,

photoshoot (+ you receive your portrait!),

music, fun, creative self expression, meaningful conversations.

Who: anyone ready to explore their beautiful feminine side

Why: “Feeling beautiful has nothing to do

with what you look like.” /E. Watson

When:Sunday April 21st 11-5PM Ennis

Exchange: €110

Looking forward to seeing you there,

Kasia & Niamh @pipshots

**no photos are being used for social media without your permission * your body, your choice on how much or how little you like to uncover *more options on extra photos available t&c**

DM to book your place or contact me on


See you there!!

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