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Client's Love

This is an amazing programme that I would highly recommend to anyone, a journey of self awareness and growth. Eilish

‘It wasn’t something I had ever done before but immediately felt comfortable with.
I decided to take part in this program to improve myself. What surprised was getting a connection with Kasia straight away.
I have gained the ability to open up and say what I need to say and want to say, instead of pushing it inside or not dealing with it.
I certainly would recommend it, you will gain personal insight.’ Geraldine

‘I decided to take part in this program to do something for myself.
What stands out about this program is how well Kasia facilitated and led the group.
Kasia’s core values are exceptional. It couldn’t have been as good or beneficial without her. I was surprised how deep it was, how healing for the mind and spirit.
I feel more self aware, I gained confidence physically, mentally and emotionally.
I would definitely recommend this program. You will become more self-aware and empowered. Kasia is a legend.’ Annie

‘I knew I needed to make a change in my life and I thought this would offer that opportunity. It was the first time I have tried a program like this. I enjoyed how it challenged me to think about what I want from life and what changes I need to make.
I was positively surprised by the camaraderie and sense of safety displayed by the group, how welcoming they were,  the dancing, I love it all.
I gained a sense of self-worth, a sense that I’m not alone and dealing with the challenges life has brought. I learned that I am resilient. I realized my time for myself is valuable.
I would definitely recommend this program to a friend. Kasia is so wonderful as a group leader as well as for one to one sessions.
She is encouraging but she asked the tough questions.’ Deirdre

‘I felt I needed a bit of guidance with my feelings and to be able to process them better. I felt the group sessions helped by sharing experiences.
What surprised me was the letter writing exercise I received during one to one session. I was surprised how a simple method helped me put my thoughts and questions into a space that I had control over. I have gained knowledge of being in touch with my body, to listen to my feelings and to know how to react to situations better.
I would definitely recommend this problem to a friend. They will gain an understanding of themselves.’ Alice

‘I decided to take part in this program to better myself and address areas in my life that needed changing as well as improvement. I loved the openness and honesty from people, the empathy, being heard.
I have found happiness within and learned how to do more for me. I learned it’s OK to say ‘no’, to take myself away from toxic people when possible and that I can let go and just let things work out.’ Sorcha

‘I was looking for some way to get answers why do I feel in a particular way sometime. When I learnt about this program I felt that might be somewhat related to it.
I was surprised to learn how to look differently at our emotions.
What stands out about this program is the way Kasia makes every session very exciting and entertaining.
I gained more confidence about myself and I would surely recommend this to my friends as they will definitely get advantage from this program.’ Divya

‚I felt I needed to change my mindset and let go of things that were out of my control.
I learnt to open up a lot more and to trust.
I learnt how to cope a lot better when I’m in the stressful situation.
I have gained so much through this group. I have begun opening myself up for new experiences.
I was told about this program through a close friend of mine and I would 100% recommend it to my friends. Thank you Kasia.’ Edel

I've gained so much confidence in myself. I've gained friendships, I've found a backbone and I know I have a great future ahead". Lorraine

I wanted to tell you about an amazing person I recently connected with.

Kasia did a Soul Reading for me and it blew my mind.

Like most of these things it's hard to describe

but it felt like she was a mirror for me to see my full essence."


It was amazing, we all had so much fun! Everything was perfect- the dancing, food, music, and of course- the place itself! Good luck!!! Michal

I hadn't ever done anything like this before, I am SO happy that I did! I was on a Women's Circle Whatsapp group and volunteered to bring photos for another reading, and was so surprised when I also got my own Soul Reading. Right from the start Kasia was able to pinpoint issues I was having internally that no one would have known about. There are too many things to mention that were simply spot on as well as moments of sheer disbelief.  In addition to the ''How could you know that'' feelings,  I gained more understanding of what is holding me back, and a deep feeling of comfort and calmness within me knowing what I had to do moving forward. Everyone will have their own intention and experience, but for me it was truly profound and life changing. I can't recommend Kasia's services enough! 


I went to Kasia back in December 2021 for a soul reading. I had been referred to her by a friend. I found the reading very intriguing. Alot of what came up for me on the night I didn't understand on the night but over the last few months things She said are starting to fall into place. On the night she told me about a past life experience about a fear I feel in this life and this really resonated me as I never could understand why i felt this particular fear... I've been carrying this fear into this life, which she helped me clear so it wouldn't keep affecting.. I would highly  recommend a reading with Kasia
She is a beautiful soul and has a genuine gift to share with the world.


Kasia's Soul Reading is a completely new and an extraordinarily experience. Kasia is very dedicated and devoted. She is focused and wants you to make the most of your time together!

Sessions with Kasia shed new light on the situation I was in and helped to look at it from a completely new perspective.

The healing and release of emotions during out time together have a real impact on handing complex situations in my everyday life.

Apart from your Reading, Kasia complements the session with a chat. During this conversation, she will further support you applying her skills and knowledge from other areas of her expertise. 

If you are someone struggling with some difficulty, need to decide on significant matters or would like get to know your Soul's Purpose, I genuinely recommend you booking a session with Kasia!


An amazing session with Kasia.

She has given me important information from my late mother.

It made me calmer and made me look at things from a different perspective.

I'm glad I decided to have a session with Kasia. I recommended it to everyone !


'I had a Soul Reading session with Kasia and I can't say enough about how amazing and accurate that reading was. It was a transformative and eyes opening experience which proved me with a great clarity and helped me to understand my struggles.
I recommend it to everyone.
Thank you so much Kasia you are truly gifted.'


'What made this session memorable is that Kasia put me at ease straight away from the beginning of our session.
She very simply explained what her gift is and how I should live the experience. And it has been a wow experience.
I will definitely do it again.'


I have had several Soul Readings with Kasia, each time with a different intention: from my professional life to exploring my femininity.
I found Kasia’s readings very helpful. Every time I gained much broader perspective on what was happening and ways to handle the situation.
Not only I have received guidance,
I feel I have healed during the course of our readings on many levels.
Thank you Kasia!


Kasia's Soul reading was very onpoint and quite surprising.
I didn't know what to expect exactly but it was a very pleasant and different experience from anything I've done before.
It made me have a look on my life from a different perspective. I would highly recommend it.
Looking forward to more Soul reading.


I would like to express my gratitude and tell you about the inner journey I have experienced while working with Kasia.
The Reading feels as if you are part of a story: it’s your story and you are the main character.
There is no words to describe what I felt during my time together with Kasia. It was truly magical journey that allowed me to understand, accept and forgive.
It was a journey that made me see, hear, touch all over again.
I feel reborn.


I would like to thank you Kasia, for how much you changed my life. I was bit nervous before the first Soul Reading session, and yet I dared to do it. And miracles happened !!!

Meeting my deceased husband, with whom I could talk and say goodbye, gave me incredible peace. I got rid of childhood fears and painful memories.

You also gave me a chance to realize that I am enough, good person, wise, beautiful, you taught me to love myself, and thanks to this, I can truly love others.

You also made me aware that there is someone who loves me, who watches over me, who gives me directions. You taught me to see the signs that the Universe is sending me. It is an amazing feeling to listen to yourself and believe yourself. I know that there is still a long way ahead of me, but every morning I get up in the morning thinking how glad I am to meet you, and I know that I will want to have this amazing experience more than once again ...

Thank you.


Are you feeling stuck?
Are you wary, sad or feel unseen?
Dare just a little and talk to Kasia. You will learn that you are taken care of, and there always is a way out.
Whatever you did do, you had to do..there is no judgment.
Ease, an embrace and a blessing is what I feel I have received during the Soul Readings with Kasia.
Thank you.


My Soul Reading with Kasia was amazing.

Her reading shedded new light on various situations in my life. 

These readings give you a new perspective, a release of emotions and bring you on a journey of discovering your inner self. Kasia puts you at ease from the very beginning and it adds to the enjoyment of the experience.

She doesn't rush you..during the reading you have all the time in the world to adjust and understand everything she says. 

I would recommend the readings to anyone and I'm looking forward to my next one already. 

Kasia is truly gifted and the gift deserves to be heard and understood.


Kasia is a natural at coaching, you feel as if you are having an informal chat with a friend as she helps you dive deep to get to the root of what you are trying to achieve. The most important thing I got from my sessions with Kasia is 'always know your why' with anything you wish to achieve in life you must know your why and that's what will drive you. A fantastic mentor, selflove and business coach I would recommend Kasia to anyone. Her warm, fun personality is infectious I always left feeling creative brave and inspired after my sessions.
Thank you Kasia!


I have found the life coaching an invaluable tool to learn firstly how important it is to look after yourself.  I have learned that how I feel affects how I act. I knew I needed to change my behavior but couldn't figure out how to do it. Kasia has given me many tools to bring me into the present moment. Once in the present moment I could see what was driving my behavior. As a result of this I am slowly learning to control my behavior and be a nicer person to be around!


If anyone is looking for ways to relieve stress, or generally take care of your well-being, book with Kasia!
She is one of the most genuine people you could meet.


What I liked about Kasia is that she put me at me ease, I never felt remotely judged but she did guide me and made sure that we got somewhere during the session. I didn't realize I was holding on to so much fear and tension - I still have a lot, especially now I'm doing what I always wanted to, but Kasia opened up my eyes to what was possible.

Wish you all the best of luck.


Book in with Kasia straight away because even after the first meeting you defiantly get worthwhile valuable information that can benefit your life because Kasia really listens to everything you have to say and takes all the information in before giving a constructive answer.

Kasia gives you the much needed time and space to explore your dreams and feelings in a safe, warm, comfortable environment with no judgement.

Everybody deserves this and can’t always easily find,

so go ahead and make the most of this opportunity now!

I have enjoyed exploring and talking about various moments in my life and preparing for the future,

different coping mechanisms that I could put into practice in my life

and the the warm hearted conversations I had with Kasia that really brighten your day and give you the confidence you need in this sometimes challenging life.

Kasia supported me with personal growth, relaxation techniques, breathing exercises,

personal discovery, future visions, positivity, gratitude

and most importantly to love yourself and to keep on pursuing your dreams!

What I liked about Kasia is that she put me at me ease, I never felt remotely judged but she did guide me and made sure that we got somewhere during the session. I didn't realize I was holding on to so much fear and tension - I still have a lot, especially now I'm doing what I always wanted to, but Kasia opened up my eyes to what was possible.

Wish you all the best of luck.


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