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gain more understanding and a new perspective /   gain sense of calm /   receive guidance   /   deep healing  / support your personal and spiritual journey / address the old, create something new/
connect to loved ones that left us  and support them in their journey

I can help you
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soul heart energy work

on another level
to yourself and others


Finding a Deeper Meaning Through Energy Work

My work is to bring you a little peace, more inner harmony and joy, deeper understanding and lightness. Everything that we often lose during our life journey. Your smile, sighs of relief, the excitement about life again make my work, hours of study and practice, my energy absolutely worth it.

I can communicate with your relatives, animals (both, those who have passed away and those who are still with us), connect with your Soul.

My gift is that I perceive and feel colors, sounds, smells, images, vibrations and various sensations in my body. Often the information I provide is a challenge to the current emotional awareness of the person with whom I work. The information I receive is often very personal and of special importance to the client or the deceased loved one. It is not uncommon to receive letters and messages for clients before meeting them.


I realized that at every stage of life you have to imagine them anew, make new decisions, have the courage to step into the unknown. There are things that need to be completed, many doors be closed.


Sometimes taking the smallest step in the right direction becomes the greatest step in our lives.

This journey is a great adventure, full of surprises, sometimes tears, laughter and new beginnings!


I am here to support you at every step of your personal, spiritual and healing path.

I am a Soul Reading therapist, a body image and confidence coach, trauma informed yoga instructor, a medium.


Very nice to meet you!

It looks like you've just embarked on the most exciting journey - a journey back to yourself :)

Here for You,



"I wanted to tell you about an amazing person I recently connected with.

Kasia did a Soul Reading for me and it blew my mind.

Like most of these things it's hard to describe

but it felt like she was a mirror for me to see my full essence."


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