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gain more understanding and a new perspective /   gain sense of calm /   receive guidance   /   deep healing  / support your personal and spiritual journey / address the old, create something new/
connect to loved ones that left us  and support them in their journey

I can help you
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soul heart energy work

on another level
to yourself and others


Finding a Deeper Meaning Through Compassionate Work

It took me on average 2-4 YEARS to try something new. Not because I couldn’t,

but because I made myself believe I wasn’t smart/good/deserving enough.

I worked at 4am five times a week, off weekends every 8 weeks and to return home and be too exhausted to do anything..all while being a fresh mum.

I did that for 12 years least 5 years too many.

I completed and paid for my Zumba membership for 2 years before I was brave enough to at least give it a go. It took me 4 years to try a jiujitsu class and my  'why list' would make you laugh out loud! I held myself back for so long and with so much!!

I know there are things in life we cannot influence, but I also know, there are plenty things that we can!


In 202I I wrote my coaching workbook and with literally shaking hands I pressed: send FOR PRINTING. Was I afraid of people’s opinion? Was I afraid it won’t be good? Was I afraid I wasted time and money? 3x  BIG FAT YES!

There is not a single situation in our lives where we are not exposed to such risk.

All I’m learning is practising giving myself a permission to try.

I took courses, tried to move closer to where I wanted to be and what I wanted to do, one exam after another... one step at the time. 'At least try' I repeated to myself..

That’s all I offer: give yourself that chance to try!

Sometimes taking the smallest step in the right direction, ends up being the biggest step of your life.

Looks like you have just embarked on the most exciting journey of all, journey to yourself! It’s truly a great experience sprinkled with a-ha’s, tears, smiles and new starts!

I understood that for every new phase of life, we need to reimagine it, make new decisions, have the courage to step into the unknown. 

I invite you to mindfully crafted work, for you to return home with a renewed sense of calm, fresh perspective, inspired, with more knowledge on self.

Find and confidently reach out for what supports your well being,

excites your spirit, brings more smile, fun and inner peace in your everyday life.

As a certified wellbeing and confidence coach, certified yoga instructor,

breath coach and HeartMath Certified Practitioner I am here to support you every step of the way.

Nice to meet you! Kasia 


"I wanted to tell you about an amazing person I recently connected with.

Kasia did a Soul Reading for me and it blew my mind.

Like most of these things it's hard to describe

but it felt like she was a mirror for me to see my full essence."


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