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Relationship Reading
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1.5 hr/ 90

'If you don't take control of your mind, others will.

If you don't take control of your time, others will.

If you don't take control of your health, others will. /wellbe



Feel supported without judgement.

Get help tailored to your unique needs.

See life in a different light.

Regain a sense of choice and curiosity.

Find what lifts your spirit and have more fun.

Become more focused.

Learn what matters to you most. 

Let go of 'what will they say?', 'will they like me?, 'what will they think of me?'.

Boost your body confidence!

Integrative Life Coach combines a diverse range of healing modalities in the areas of mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual wellness to make positive changes in all areas of life.

I combine breath work, carefully selected tools for stress relief and anxiety, tools to promote body confidence, to name a few.


A coaching relationship is a partnership, which means you’ll need to come to the table with an open heart and mind.My coaching is all about real talk.


How does that sound?:

See life in a new light

Get support tailored to your needs

Gain tools to creatively deal with uncomfortable emotions

Find freedom to just enjoy food without guilt

Celebrate your uniqueness & being kind to yourself

Love and respect yourself and your body and trusting what feels right for you

Trust yourself to find answers

Know what you want and how to achieve it

Get calm back into your life

Raise standards

Enjoy social gatherings and pose for pictures with friends or kids 

Be more energized and excited about your life

Plan and structure your week in a way that supports your needs

Communicate your needs 

Have your own cheerleader (ME!!)

 ...and much more. 




How it works:











Make decisions from within rather than fear or what media or society tells you to do!

Know what you love, want or you are ready to let go of!

Go back to school!

Feel really good about yourself!

Belly laugh more!

Your journey starts here. Looking forward to working with you.


Warmly, Kasia

‘ I have decided to take part in this program, because of personal issues and unresolved traumas, and ongoing difficulties in recognizing myself.
What surprised me about the program was how thought-provoking it has been.
I was surprised with my ability to reflect, as well as my capacity for change.
What I found different about this program: there was no pressure to ‘perform’, I had the freedom to become myself.
I have gained confidence and self validation abilities. I have gained power over my emotions, including the awareness to recognize them.
I would absolutely recommend this program. Every woman should complete this course. Teenagers would especially benefit. Women who have experienced the good, the bad, and the ugly!
I loved attending.’

‘I decided to take part in this program because I was sort of in a slump in life and was in need of some direction.
I feel like I found a friend in Kasia and the girls!
What stands out the most about the program is Kasia and what she brings. She’s kind, friendly and extremely thoughtful.
My biggest take away from the program is that I’m very self-aware and able to dig through my emotions.
I would absolutely recommend this program to a friend. I think everybody gets something different, something they need.’

‘I decided to take part in this program to further my own personal growth.
I’m surprised how the visualization exercises have been so helpful for me.
What stands out about this program was the one-to-one sessions. I love them.
Also, exploring different options and solutions. Kasia is very kind and always thoughtful. My biggest take away from the program is that I’m enough and I’m going in the right direction. I would absolutely, hundred percent recommend this program to a friend.’

‘ I signed up for the program to help me deal with family stresses. The openness of the women in the group and how I shared a journey with women I didn’t know, but feel I have a connection with them now came as a surprise. What I find different about the program was that the first workshop I could feel the pain from the women in the group, including my own and on the last workshop you could feel happiness in the room.
I have gained the ability to recognize my emotions, how to say no without feeling guilty, how to achieve work - life balance.
I would recommend the program to a friend.’

‘The program came at the right time when I was ready to change and I felt it was a sign.
What surprised me about the program is that we are ALL going through some issues and there is power in numbers. What makes the program different is Kasia’s openness and unique delivery of the program. A great mixture of fun, facts,  emotions, thought provoking exercises.
I have gained the ability to use introspection, to be able to feel and acknowledge my emotions, to understand that I am an individual in my own right.
I would absolutely, highly recommend this program as there’s something for everyone in it.’

‘ I have decided to take part in this program as my counseling is finishing up, and I was suggested to sign up for this program.
It surprised me that it was actually a program that was to do with more than the mental health side. There were tips and advice on building boundaries, gaining skills in communication, relationships, and general life hardships.
A pleasant surprise in the end!
What I found different about this program was how Kasia is so open and naturally warm and understanding, but frank,  without coming across fake or OTT.
I also hugely respected how Kasia hammer down the fact that it’s OK to say no or sit out on any exercises or practices.
I have gained more awareness of the importance and normality of saying no to things we don’t want to do or don’t feel comfortable doing. The understanding that no matter how different we all are we are doing our best dealing with our own stuff. I would recommend to family or friend, they would learn how to share with people more, connect with others, learn healthier coping mechanisms for everyday situations and relationships’

‘ I have decided to take part in this program to try and learn and gain new strategies and tools and ways of thinking that help me when feeling anxious and overwhelmed.
I was surprised with how easy and comfortable a group of people can get after just one session, to open up and share personal information.
What stands out about the program is there freeness to just BE.
I gained a new sense of really getting in touch with the feelings and sensations within my body when  experiencing certain emotions.
I would recommend the program. I feel it gives someone the chance to gain knowledge that you are not alone. Everyone has their problems, it’s learning to go through life's challenges and problems’

‘I decided to take part in this program to gain more confidence.
This program gave me more than I expected. The coach gave us what we needed and it was emotional and joyful.
I thought the program would be more just sitting and listening, but I was surprised it was a lot more than that. Without pressure we could share our feelings. There was a bit of movement, we became a little family.
I did realize how important I am for myself and for others, where to find boundaries and how to take care of them. I did start changing my life!
I would hundred percent recommend the program. Every single person will find an important message for themselves, especially about emotions and how to learn to feel them and deal with them and how to accept them.’

‘I was surprised how beneficial group sessions are, as well as our one-to-ones. This program exceeded my expectations. I learned that I am part of the collective and not alone, but also completely individual simultaneously.
I would absolutely recommend this program to my friends.’

‘ I decided to take part in this program because I was feeling stuck in life, I felt I had no direction.
I wasn’t expecting the program to be so interactive but I’m so glad it was.
Great fun and I felt safe to interact with everyone in the group.
What stands out about this program is Kasia. She is so encouraging, insightful and understanding. The 121 sessions were invaluable. I am very grateful to have been part of this workshop.
I gained confidence not to just accept things as they are but to challenge them. Ask questions, ask for the things I want! Without a doubt, I would recommend this program to a friend. They would learn to take time for themselves and know that it’s OK to look after themselves first.’

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