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Birth chart Reading

(online or in person)


Mediumship Reading

1.5-2 hour  / € 90

'Mediumship channels guidance from those who have gone before, not only for the sake of those who are here but also for those yet to come' (A.St. Marteen)

Our loved ones are usually very happy to communicate with us.

As much as you worry about their wellbeing, they look for ways to support you too.

Mediumship sessions don’t have to be heavy or sad. Often times, they are filled with laughter, going back the memory line, finding cool ways to celebrate their and your lives.

The spirits can be serious, but they can also have a great sense of humor.

A lot of the times, they need the connection as much as we do.


Those sessions can offer and help:

  • find some relief

  • give them an opportunity to express the unspoken.. words and truths

  • understand and heal your family, your lineage

  • celebrate their and your life

  • gain support

  • clear misunderstandings

  • find out 'how are they doing'

  • bring peace

  • find ways to celebrate them in your life

  • share memories, allow them to make you smile again

  • you can support them in their journey

Definition of mourning from the encyclopedia:

"An externalized reflection of what is happening to someone who has lost a loved one."

Each of us has to lead a loved one to eternal life. If we had a deep bond, saying goodbye to this person does not end after the funeral. A grieving person needs space to experience a variety of difficult emotions and feelings. Therefore, external expressions of mourning are needed.

They are different in different cultures, e.g. shaving or washing prohibited, leaving the house. Most often we encounter a change of outfit of a mourning person. The color that symbolizes mourning varies from place to place in the world. For Euro-American culture, mourning is black, in the East it is white, in South Africa it is red, in Thailand it is purple, in Mexico and Iran it is blue.

This change in clothing is a clear message for the environment about the experienced pain, it is giving yourself and others time to experience difficult emotions.

Providing special care and support to a bereaved person is a great wisdom for generations. It takes time and commitment to go through the suffering of parting with your loved one or pet.

Our relationship is now taking on a new dimension.


My intention is to bring even a little bit of relief, support, a little peace.

It is a very unique, delicate, intimate space. With this in mind, there is no rush during the session. I will also give you additional information on how to prepare and what the session looks like in order to enter this space as prepared as possible.

Here if you need my assistance.


Little intro on the readings on my YT channel:
Relationship Reading
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Soul Reading

1.5-2 hour  / € 90

'You don't have a soul. You are a Soul. You have a body' (C.S.Lewis)

Our soul is that part of us which “knows” who we truly are. It is the part of us who unconditionally loves us, who always sees the good and true within us. It is the stillness within. The part of us that remains untouched by the outside world. The part of us that is as old as time.

A Soul Reading is an enlightening, heart-centered conversation about your human experience.

It allows us to receive information that is often not available 'consciously'.  


A Soul Reading is a psychic reading but more in-depth. I am able "see", "feel" and "know" past, present and future possibilities and offer you guidance from your Soul's point of view. It's way to understand yourself better, gain valuable insight, increase awareness around patterns and unconsciousness beliefs that may be holding you back. 


Soul reading helps to:

  • learn reasons behind repeating certain patterns

  • find meaning in your life

  • gain new perspective on relationships, work, unhelpful habits etc

  • heal the past and open to new

  • connect to your loved ones, your family, your pets ( yes! pets :) )

  • find direction and inspiration

  • address health concerns 

  • shed light on unexplained fears and other emotional difficulties

Each reading is unique and individual, aimed at your specific needs and vibrations at that time in your life.


Soul Readings can be helpful for almost anyone of any age, from every walk of life who is curious to have a deeper awareness of themselves and their life's purpose.

A Soul Reading can bring about powerful transformation, enabling you to change physical and emotional patterns and allow healing to take place. A Soul Reading will change your perspective, giving you the ability to trust in your own inner voice and enabling you to master your life and your world.

There is plenty time to ask questions.  Your questions are answered from the eternal perspective of your Soul. Give yourself some time to think about what you wish to ask before we meet.
If you are wanting clarity around love and relationships, a good question would be: I feel I keep attracting the same kind of romantic partner. What is the higher lesson for me to receive?

In a Soul Reading your Soul speaks to you, heart to heart.  With the assistance of your guides and angels, images, thoughts, and feelings are brought forth to help you "see" yourself through the eyes and heart of your Soul.  You come to understand yourself as your Soul does. 

Your Soul is that part of you that "knows" and completely understands your infinite value.

You can ask anything you wish!

Your intuitive channels stay open even after our session so it's important to take some quiet time for yourself to journal, rest, integrate. You may find additional clarity and insight many days, and even months, after our reading so it's important for you to stay open.

Here if you have any more question!


yearly Transit Reading
Calm Woman


1.5 hr/ 60

'If you don't take control of your mind, others will.
If you don't take control of your time, others will.
If you don't take control of your health, others will. /wellbe


Feel supported without judgement.

Get help tailored to your unique needs.

See life in a different light.

Regain a sense of choice and curiosity.

Find what lifts your spirit and have more fun.

Become more focused.

Learn what matters to you most. 

Let go of 'what will they say?', 'will they like me?, 'what will they think of me?'.

Boost your body confidence!

Integrative Life Coach combines a diverse range of healing modalities in the areas of mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual wellness to make positive changes in all areas of life.

I combine breath work, carefully selected tools for stress relief and anxiety, tools to promote body confidence, to name a few.

A coaching relationship is a partnership, which means you’ll need to come to the table with an open heart and mind.My coaching is all about real talk.

Are you ready to:

  • See life in a new light

  • Get support tailored to your needs

  • Gain tools to creatively deal with uncomfortable emotions

  • Find freedom to just enjoy food without guilt

  • Celebrate your uniqueness & being kind to yourself

  • Love and respect yourself and your body and trusting what feels right for you

  • Trust yourself to find answers

  • Know what you want and how to achieve it

  • Get calm back into your life

  • Raise standards

  • Enjoy social gatherings and pose for pictures with friends or kids 

  • Be more energized and excited about your life

  • Plan and structure your week in a way that supports your needs

  • Communicate your needs 

  • Have your own cheerleader (ME!!)

        ...and much more. 


How it works:







Make decisions from within rather than fear or what media or society tells you to do!

Know what you love, want or you are ready to let go of!

Go back to school!

Feel really good about yourself!

Belly laugh more!

Your journey starts here.

Looking forward to working with you.

Warmly, Kasia

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