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Wellness Coach


This is a place for everyone. Any age, size and abilities.

Anyone ready, even for a brief moment (at first!), to stop hiding their true self and to stop apologizing for their body and instead,

start being their smashing, unique self.

A special place in a peaceful environment

where you can nurture your Mind, Body and Soul!

My workshops are mindfully crafted for you to return home with a renewed sense of calm,
fresh perspective, inspired, with more knowledge of self.

Find and confidently reach out for what supports your well being,

excites your spirit, brings more smile, fun and inner peace in your everyday life.

“Your relationship with yourself sets the tone for

 every other relationship you have.”— Robert Holden

Outdoor Yoga

Your ANAM CARA Experience 

Soul Heart Energy is bringing you YOUR ANAM CARA: an extraordinary, wholesome experience to nurture your body, mind and soul!

**When translating word-to-word, Anam is the Gaelic word for soul, while Cara translates into friend.**

In a place free of judgment, you are invited to experience a connection on another level to Yourself through movement, breath work and transformative life coaching workshops. A special place in a peaceful environment where you can nurture your Mind, Body and Soul!


The space we create is a laboratory, a mini-inner power plant that generates internal strength. It is a mobile school of: listening, intuition, empathy, refraining from judgement (of yourself and others), appreciating (YOURSELF!), gratitude, connecting with YOURSELF.

Integrative Life Coach combines a diverse range of healing modalities in the areas of mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual wellness to make positive changes in all areas of life.

I combine breath work, carefully selected tools for stress relief and anxiety, tools to promote body confidence, to name a few.

My sessions are all about real talk, meaningful gathering, practical help.


These workshops offer a safe and gentle space to learn together, honor and celebrate body changes, share life lessons, and support each other. This is a space where we want to cheer each other's wins (whatever "winning" means to you)!

The workshops give you an opportunity to explore the inner self through the creative process in a safe, critic free environment.  

In a place free of judgment, I welcome you to a space where our differences.

Every human body tells a story and as you begin to understand it you may want to try to rewrite the narrative. Emotions are a natural part of life. They’re not negative or positive. They’re just signals trying to lead us in the right direction, based on our values and beliefs. Our emotions are yet another way that we’ve evolved to address our needs, express ourselves more, live more creative and fulfilling life, communicate feeling to others, finding talents and passions you didn't know you had! 

UNCOMFORTABLE emotions are particularly intense because they’re trying to jolt us into action. They’re trying to prompt change. When you ignore or suppress your UNCOMFORTABLE emotions, you dismiss their message and don’t take the necessary action to change what is wrong. This means you continue to feel unhappy. So it’s in your best interest to really feel your negative emotions. To give them the attention and appreciation they deserve, because they’re trying to help you be happy and healthy.

I believe it’s important to learn how to decrypt those emotional signals. Once you know what they’re trying to tell you, you can react to them in a healthier, more beneficial way.

Awareness is key to change. We cannot change anything if we lack awareness that something is out of balance or misaligned.


Sometimes, we find the right words and phrases to describe our emotions and feelings. But sometimes we don't. And the reasons are:

  • we don't know how we feel.

  • We have mixed feelings and we can sort them out.

  • We know how we feel but we are afraid to voice it.

  • We have emotions but no feelings vocabulary to express them.

  • We have feelings that don't translate easily into words to express emotions we have to feel them first.

People tend to store their unwanted emotions in different parts of the body. For one it may be shoulders and for other the head. Locating physical discomfort caused by stored emotions can become a regular meditation practice. It's a great relaxation technique, as well as a way to access emotions you're having trouble identifying.

With the creative arts expression you will embark on an adventure of exploring feelings through art: drawing, painting, music, sound, movement, dance, writing, and more. It's a treasure hunt to find your real feelings and you will be consulting with your body for insight.

No matter how small or inaccessible someone's movements or expression may appear, the potential for expansion and connection through the body is always possible. PERSONAL EXPERIENCE IS THE BEST AND ONLY GUIDE WORTH STUDYING! 


Anam Cara helps to understand, unlearn, accept, comfort, embrace THAT PART OF YOU THAT YOU HAVE BEEN MISSING.. this course is for you if:

You are ready to feel less compelled to seek validation from others.

You are ready to celebrate your uniqueness and be kinder to yourself.

You are ready to happily pose for a photo with your children or friends.

You are ready to try new things: put on the bikini, go on that date, apply for this job ...

YOU ARE READY TO SET AN EXAMPLE to younger generations, so they don't have to criticize and hate their body as they see others do!

You are ready for more joy in your life!

You are ready to regain a sense choice and curiosity.

You are ready to find activities and hobbies that will improve your well-being and inspire you to pursue yourself.

You are ready to find out what your emotions are trying to tell you!

(Why not try to mate with your emotions?)


This workshop is an invitation to learn to make decisions from within, not out of fear or from whatever the media or society are telling you to do!

Find and confidently reach out for what supports your well being, excites your spirit, brings more smile, fun and inner peace in your everyday life and  to feel really good about yourself!


What is the workshop made of?

Fresh, healthy, vegetarian snacks shared together, sprinkled with laughs, stories and conversations that matter.

Guided meditations.

'Work' part that consists of all the yummy stuff like:

-carefully crafted transformative, life coaching tools to catalyze the change and set you up on your 'start line' of your journey 

-creative arts expression techniques 

-a space where smile and tears are equally welcomed and celebrated

-you and your emotions 

Workshops are 4 hrs long in a small group for best coaching experience.

Few surprises!!​​

I very much look forward to hearing from you!

For any questions, or to book your place don't hesitate to reach me at




​ 'If you don't take control of your mind,

others will.

If you don't take control of your time,

others will.

If you don't take control of your health,

others will. /wellbe

Would this be helpful:

Feel supported without judgement.

Get help tailored to your unique needs.

See life in a different light.

Regain a sense of choice and curiosity.

Find what lifts your spirit and have more fun.

Become more focused.

Learn what matters to you most.

Let go of 'what will they say?', 'will they like me?, 'what will they think of me?'.

YES? Maybe we should talk ;-)

Curiosity made me book the course. I wasn’t 100% sure what the course will involve but I felt drawn to it and I am so glad that I did. It truly was a life changing experience.My biggest a-ha moment was actually during the very first class. I realized that a lot of my thoughts/perspectives weren’t actually my own. And as the classes went on, everything started to connect back to this discovery. It was wonderful to dive deeper within and get a fuller picture at the end. The course supported me most with my self-esteem and beliefs about myself.I genuinely feel like the classes couldn’t have been done any better. I really enjoyed the movements towards the end of the class and also the micro exercises were excellent. I enjoyed everything, from the structure of the classes to chatting with the other amazing women taking part.

GO FOR IT!!!!! You won’t regret it! - Betina

Thank you, Kasia, for a wonderful course with a group of lovely ladies. I had some real ‘aha’ moments and am now feeling a contentment with myself & my body which I haven’t felt in a long time. - Liz

Kasia is a natural at coaching, you feel as if you are having an informal chat with a friend as she helps you dive deep to get to the root of what you are trying to achieve. The most important thing I got from my sessions with Kasia is 'always know your why' with anything you wish to achieve in life you must know your why and that's what will drive you. A fantastic mentor, selflove and business coach I would recommend Kasia to anyone. Her warm, fun personality is infectious I always left feeling creative brave and inspired after my sessions.Thank you Kasia! - Laura

Thank you for that wonderful journey for self love and empowerment. - Aneta

I won the course in a competition! The body LAB was a beautiful, new experience and very insightful! I love the yoga as always!
My biggest realization was that I’m my own worst critic, when talking about self love I need to stop listening to the “Susan” in my head.
Kasia supported me in my self confidence. I learned to say no and I learned to ask for things when I need them. I have now move job at work, I have made more free time for myself at home also.
I have learned that I can’t make everyone happy but I can make myself happy.
Do it! Go in with an open heart and an open mind!
You will learn so much about yourself and learn to relax! -Lorraine

Hit this lady up! She is super fun and honest and open minded and intuitive.
Not your average life coach, WAY BETTER! -Eilish

If anyone is looking for ways to relieve stress, or generally take care of your well-being, book with Kasia! She is one of the most genuine people you could meet. - Gina

I have found the life coaching an invaluable tool to learn firstly how important it is to look after yourself.  I have learned that how I feel affects how I act. I knew I needed to change my behavior but couldn't figure out how to do it. Kasia has given me many tools to bring me into the present moment. Once in the present moment I could see what was driving my behavior. As a result of this I am slowly learning to control my behavior and be a nicer person to be around! - Ciara

What I liked about Kasia is that she put me at me ease, I never felt remotely judged but she did guide me and made sure that we got somewhere during the session. I didn't realize I was holding on to so much fear and tension - I still have a lot, especially now I'm doing what I always wanted to, but Kasia opened up my eyes to what was possible.

Wish you all the best of luck. - Joanne

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